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Original League



Round 18:  Do The Scorpions Have A Sting?

For the Scorpions to clinch their first ever Minor Premiership and the Finals bye, they must defeat the Saints and maintain their PF lead over the Blue Flames, which is currently 23. The Blue Flames have the more difficult task of defeating Natas in the 2016 GF replay, and also of making up that 23 point deficit. Natas must win to ensure they play finals, but to miss they would have to see the Heroes upset the Titans (who are locked into third) and the Doozers defeat the Chargers and outscore Natas by more than 26. Not likely. But a Doozers win and a Heroes loss would see the Doozers dump Hodgey from finals. Meanwhile the most in form non-finalists, the Dingoes and Wild Cards, will clash with the Wild Cards trying to avoid the wooden spoon.   ...   [Live Scores]

Super League

Round 18:  Who Will Finish Fifth?

The Major Warriors may have just knocked off the top team this week to keep fifth, but it seems likely they will have to knock off the second team next week, just to hold on. The Slugs face the Magpies and despite encouraging recent signs for Nathan, the Slugs will go in favourite. Similarly, the Phamtoms face the now last placed Sons of God and would expect to register a win. That means the Warriors face all the pressure. The Coat Hangers will face Nexus needing to win by 73 points to steal the Minor Premiership, and thatís assuming the Brawlers lose. The Brawlers are only 56 back, but I guess a score bordering on 200 may cause Nexus fans to sweat. Meanwhile the Marvels and Convicts will finish the season with the traditional Grand Final rematch which I am sure will feature, for the first time ever, two teams who have been eliminated.   ...   [Live Scores]

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AFR 107: A Win Could Still Be A Loss
Hard to be believe we've only got one more week to go in the regular Home and Away season, some of last weeks questions have been answered and some more have been raised. There a double header this week in the SL and the Champions League that will make things interesting.   [Listen]

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