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  • Australian Football Revolution Constitution (posted 16/10/2008)
    As everyone knows, we’ve had a few changes since we started so we’ve updated the constitution.   [+]
  • Project Player Introduced
    Don't you hate it when you draft a gun player and then they go down in round 3 with a knee!! Then to make it worse they come back with 2 rounds to play and gun it .. do you keep them or delist them. The new AFR rule may be able to help you. Basically the new rule is this, you can keep a player who has played less than 10 games (AFL games at the end of the home and away season). For example players like: Nathan Buckley and Brendon Goddard would be eligible to be kept under the new rule.    [+]
  • Project Player Update (posted 18/06/2008)
    As we move closer to the end of the trade period the rules committee have been talking about any possible improvements that can be made to the AFR. Although we believe that the AFR is the best fantasy football competition in Australia we're always looking what can be done to improve the comp - keeping in mind that simplicity is often the best.    [+]


  • Bench Player Introduced (posted 10/09/2008)
    As of the 2009 Season we’re introducing a Bench (emergency) player. This request has been raised a couple of times over the years but during the season Steve Hooker came up with a suggestion that planted the seed for this change. We understand that not everyone sits down and listens to the radio and watches the internet to see who is in and out each weekend – but we didn’t want to penalise people that do so … this is the new rule.   [+]

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