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Project Player Update


As we move closer to the end of the trade period the rules committee have been talking about any possible improvements that can be made to the AFR. Although we believe that the AFR is the best fantasy football competition in Australia we're always looking what can be done to improve the comp - keeping in mind that simplicity is often the best.

As everyone knows (except maybe Naomi) last season we introduced the "Project Player" (you can keep a player who has played
less than 10 games AFL games at the end of the home and away season.  So your delist last season could have looked like: 10 Players + 1 Rookie + 1 Project Player.

So how will the delist look now? We've now changed the ruling to allow you to choose what you'd like to keep ... however still keeping your delist to a maximum of 12 players, for example your delist this season could look like:   10 Keepers + 2 Rookies    or    10 Keepers + 2 Veterans    or    10 Keepers + 2 Project Players. Of course you can still keep one of each if you wish.

Why bring in this rule? To be honest we're not sure why we only made it one "special" player, however this new ruling will help managers that are trying to rebuild their team. This will allow teams like the BU to continue to rebuild and keep both Rioli and Kreuzer, the same with the Marvels to keep Kreuzer and Cotchin. Also, if you think that you'd like to pick up some older players and then keep them and make another run for the flag ... go for it!!!

We thought that we should advise everyone of this rule change before any trades are finalised before next Friday.


AFR Commission
Andrew Caple & Steve Watson

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