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2011 Team of the Year

Note: Players are selected based on the number of times they've appeared in the Team of the Week, then on the number of points scored
Team A
Position Player AFR Team Appearances TTL Points Scored
Key Forward Lance Franklin Surrey Scorpions 3 72.0
Forward James Podsiadly Captain's Chargers 4 65.5
Centre Matthew Boyd Natas Adulterers 4 162.0
Midfield Dane Swan Natas Adulterers 9 223.5
Midfield Bryce Gibbs Digital Dingoes 3 69.0
Rover Matthew Priddis Leaping Leprechauns 4 74.0
Tagger Luke Ball Digital Dingoes 4 79.5
Back Leon Davis Burley United 3 42.0
Key Back Nathan Bock Leaping Leprechauns 6 138.0
Ruck Todd Goldstein Surrey Scorpions 5 120.5
Team B
Position Player AFR Team Appearances TTL Points Scored
Key Forward Drew Petrie Digital Dingoes 3 58.0
Forward Stephen Milne Deadly Doozers 3 64.0
Centre Sam Mitchell Captain's Chargers 3 114.0
Midfield Trent Cotchin Burley United 3 67.0
Midfield Brent Stanton Captain's Chargers 3 48.0
Rover Daniel Kerr Natas Adulterers 3 62.0
Tagger Jude Bolton Southern Titans 2 36.0
Back Shannon Hurn Digital Dingoes 2 33.0
Key Back Graham Johncock Surrey Scorpions 2 55.5
Ruck Aaron Sandilands Digital Dingoes 5 85.0


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