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   2008 STANDA Cup
Qualifying Rounds Quarter Finals Semi Finals Grand Final  
Round 11 Round 13 Round 15 Round 19  
Natas Adulterers   Natas Adulterers 135.0            
        Natas Adulterers 153.0        
Kevin Avenue Coyotes 105.0 Major Warriors 133.0            
Major Warriors 138.5                
            Natas Adulterers 115.0    
Burley United   Burley United 145.5            
        Burley United 105.5        
Bye   Rowitian Poggleators 98.5            
Rowitian Poggleators                  
                Surrey Scorpions  
Surrey Scorpions   Surrey Scorpions 124.0            
        Surrey Scorpions 142.5        
Bye   Phamtoms 96.0            
            Surrey Scorpions 130.5    
Ashy Convicts 114.5 Southern Titans 126.5            
Southern Titans 138.5                
        The Wenchville 69ers 102.5        
Bye   The Wenchville 69ers 141.0            
The Wenchville 69ers                  

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