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Hall of Fame > All AFR Teams 2003

AFR Team of the Year   Second AFR Team
Key Forward Chris Tarrant (Surrey Scorpions)   Key Forward Matthew Lloyd (Captain's Chargers)
Forward Alastair Lynch (Natas Adulterers)   Forward David Neitz (Southern Titans)
Center Peter Bell (Leaping Leprechauns)   Center Adam Simpson (Roosey's Royboys)
Midfielder Nathan Buckley (Kevin Ave Coyotes)   Midfielder Robert Harvey (Leaping Leprechauns)
Midfielder Scott Camporeale (Roosey's Royboys)   Midfielder Adem Yze (Deadly Doozers)
Rover Scott West (Burley United)   Rover Simon Black (Kevin Ave Coyotes)
Back Chris L Johnson (Leaping Leprechauns)   Back James Clement (Surrey Scorpions)
Key Back Matthew Scarlett (Burley United)   Key Back Danny Jacobs (Leaping Leprechauns)
Ruck Michael Gardiner (Deadly Doozers)   Ruck Matthew Clarke (Captain's Chargers)
All Injury AFR Team of the Year   Mid-Season Team of the Year
Key Forward Matthew Richardson (Deadly Doozers)   Key Forward Paul Medhurst (Captain's Chargers)
Forward Phillip Matera (Leaping Leprechauns)   Forward Shaun Burgoyne (Burley United)
Center Nigel Lappin (Burley United)   Center Luke Power (Captain's Chargers)
Midfielder James Hird (Natas Adulterers)   Midfielder Gavin Wanganeen (Natas Adulterers)
Midfielder Peter Burgoyne (Burley United)   Midfielder Andrew Embley (Roosey's Royboys)
Rover Daryn Cresswell (Kevin Ave Coyotes)   Rover Brady Rawlings (Leaping Leprechauns)
Back David Wirrpanda (Natas Adulterers)   Back Andrew McKay (Surrey Scorpions)
Key Back Dustin Fletcher (Natas Adulterers)   Key Back Leo Barry (Southern Titans)
Ruck Steven King (Southern Titans)   Ruck Aaron Sandilands (Digital Dingoes)
    Commish Medellist --- Paul Hasleby    

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