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Project Player Introduced


Over the past few weeks there has been some serious discussion about some of the rules that we have in the AFR, out of this discussion some interesting comments were raised. Most of them were laughed at ... however one of the changes we think is a good idea. So ... as of the end of the season a delist rule will be introduced. So what is it I hear you ask.

Don't you hate it when you draft a gun player and then they go down in round 3 with a knee!! Then to make it worse they come back with 2 rounds to play and gun it .. do you keep them or delist them. The new AFR rule may be able to help you. Basically the new rule is this, you can keep a player who has played less than 10 games (AFL games at the end of the home and away season). For example players like: Nathan Buckley and Brendon Goddard would be eligible to be kept under the new rule.

So how will the delist look? Although we are allowing an extra player to be kept on your roster -- still a maximum number of 12 players can be kept:
  • 10 Keepers

  • 1 Veteran

  • 1 Rookie

  • 1 Project Player

For example: you'll be able to keep 10 Players + 1 Rookie + 1 Project Player.

Why bring in this rule? We believe that injuries should "hurt" a team, however, if you have a player that is just having a shocking season and you hold onto them (so effectively playing the season with 19 players) we think that you should have the chance to keep the player at the end of the season. In theory, this could also increase some trades -- as injured players now have some value ...

I hope this makes sense to everyone, if you have any questions at all please contact us. Once again this is coming into effect for the end of season delists, starting this season.


AFR Rules Commission

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